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About Buk Tu Mau Kuan Kung Fu

After several decades at previous locations in Blackburn and Carlton, the Federation's traditional 11 am Sunday morning Kung Fu class has moved to its newest home in Caulfield, under the leadership of Sifu Chris Bailey.

At Buk Tu Mau Kuan Kung Fu (White Rabbit Kung Fu school)  we teach both the fundamentals and advanced aspects of Hung Kuen Chinese Boxing, with training tailored to students' individual development and needs.

A little less formal than other Federation classes, Sunday morning kung fu is a workout for both the mind and body, balancing development and repetition of technique with practical self defence applications and exploration of kung fu philosophy.

Who trains here?

Open to all people interested in learning Kung Fu. We cater for beginners to those who have studied Jiujitsu and Judo and aim to further develop their martial art by learning Kung Fu.


Principal Instructor
Sifu Chris Bailey, Master Level 6



Training time

11:00 am to noon


Group Fitness Room
Monash Sports Fitness
(Building S / Ground level)
Monash University, Caulfield Campus