Training with Others

Seminar by Sensei Dan Prager 3rd Dan
Held at the Box Hill Honbu May 2019

Seminar Synopsis

The founder of Judo, Jigoro Kano, stressed the importance of ​mutual benefit(​Jita-Kyoei)​ in training, and in life.

When we train ​cooperatively​, we help each other to develop excellent technique. Through ​competition​ we add elements of resistance, unpredictability, and excitement into the mix.

In this seminar we will explore ways to maximise learning, fun, and motivation in training by exploring both cooperative and competitive aspects of practice.

Seminar Review

Review by Brodie Norfolk 9th Kyu

The seminar aptly titled Training with Others as instructed by Sensei Dan provided an in-depth learning experience that covered the pros and cons of different training methods as an Uki with a Tori. We explored a cooperative training style as well as a more resistive approach during the session. Cooperative training involved working with Tori in an effort to learn from the practice and to flow as partners. A more resistive approach entailed blocking Tori from completing a throw or making such a throw significantly more difficult. Throughout the seminar I learnt the value of cooperative training in a learning aspect and I believe the main takeaway was that harmonising with Tori is best accomplished in a cooperative manner and leads to superior Jujitsu/Judo. I believe this message is embodied in the wise words of Sadami Yamada in Principles And Practice Of Aikido “To appreciate the best opportunity for attack and defence, you must fully understand the rhythm of movement", where the rhythm of movement is harmony in training.