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The Federation is launching a new Distance Learning Program to help all members of the Federation family get through the difficult times ahead while our Academies are closed. We are running a trial month to begin with, and this will be FREE to everyone.

This is a great opportunity for you to expand your knowledge in areas of your martial art that normally get less attention, whilst keeping your mind and body fighting fit!


Each week we will upload different content to our online members-only area and send out an email to all participants with the week's new content. Activities are structured to be expandable so you can adjust the amount of time you spend on each depending on the time you can dedicate.

There are different kinds of techniques and content to suit everyone's varying needs. Content will vary from week to week and will include physical exercises with written or illustrated explanation, articles to read, theory exercises to work on, videos and historical content from our archives to explore and contemplate. Plus 1 to 2 online live sessions to work through content and questions.

Participants will also have the opportunity to send in videos of themselves performing the exercises for feedback from the Blackbelt board of examiners.

Over the course, we will explore each of the 5 key areas listed below...



Weekly exercise and techniques to help improve your stances, strikes, tai sabaki, and weapon use.



Learn how to meditate, visualise and be mindful to improve your life and martial arts.



Connect with your Federation family through regular seminars and historic content.



Expand your mind and understanding of martial philosophy and theory with regular articles to read and topics to contemplate.



Your chance to pose questions and seek expansion on any martial arts topic you'd like to explore.

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Please note, the Distance Learning Program is only available to Registered members of The Australian JiuJitsu, Judo & Chinese Boxing Federation of Instructors.

For more information call 1300 233 979

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