Life member, "Peter" Albert Chek awarded 9th Dan

Professor “Peter” Albert Chek - 9th Dan was Principal of Kawaishi Method Jiujitsu Australia and a first generation student of Kawaishi who won the 1947 Champion de Paris tournament and Kawaishi Medal.

Chek was part of Wally Strauss' organisation when he came to Australia, and helped Wally translate four volumes of books that were hand-signed and given to Strauss by Kawaishi.

Several Instructors of Strauss were also sent to Tasmania to gain extra instruction from Chek, including Kancho Bradshaw. This was the beginning of the friendship between Chek and Kancho, that was renewed several years later.

Chek then moved from Tasmania to Perth and Strauss and Chek had a falling-out. Years later, Chek reestablished ties with Kancho, joined Kancho’s organisation and became a life member of the Federation.

From Academy News #54 1999

In Our Winter edition we mentioned that Hanshi Peter Chek was having health problems and we wished him well on a speedy recovery. Sadly, Peter lapsed into a coma and did not recover, passing away in his sleep. He now watches down over us from the Dojo in the sky. Hanshi was a Life member of the Australian JiuJitsu, Judo and Chinese Boxing Federation of Instructors. To commemorate his life, we’d like to reprint an extract article on Hanshi Chek that was published in the 1999 issue of our newsletter celebrating his 9th Dan presentation and a lifetime of achievements: 

“The highlight of the 1999 Australasian Martial Arts Hall of Fame ceremonies on Saturday August 7th, was the presentation of the 9th Dan Master certificate and ceremonial belt to member Hanshi Peter Chek. Unfortunately, Kancho was unable to attend this year’s ceremonies that were held in Western Australia, therefore Grand Master Peter Morton represented Kancho, and the Australian Shihan Kai, in his stead, in front of a crowded reception centre of fellow martial artists, on behalf of the Australian Shihan Kai. 

The highlight of the 1999 AustralasianMartial Arts Hall of Fame ceremonies on Saturday August 7th, was the presentation of the 9th Dan Master certificate to member Hanshi Peter Chek. Kancho was unable to attend this year's ceremonies that were held in Westem Australia, therefore Grand Master Peter Morton represented Kancho, and the Australian Shihan Kai, in his stead. 

In front of a crowded reception centre of fellow martial artists, Grand Master Morton presented Hanshi Chek with his 9th Dan grading in Jiu-Jitsu and ceremonial belt on behalf of the Australian Shihan Kai. Additionally, Hanshi Chek was also inducted into the A .M.A.H.O. F. for his lifetime achievement in Jiu-Jitsu. Sensei Kelly Morgan sums up the feeling of the awards: "It gives me the greatest honour to thank you and Grand Master Morton sincerely for bestowing the immense honour that you did on our humble Shihan (now Hanshi) at the AMAHOF presentation dinner.

"We are truly blessed in having Hanshi as a man who is prepared to share all he has with us. Hanshi was so touched by this gesture of trust in his dedication and ability, that he was lost for words. To have his wife Julie and son Daniel present made this a most memorable event.

Furthermore to have received the award from Grand Master Morton only made the honour even more special, as he has the greatest respect and admiration for him. The total experience of being among so many living legends of the Martial Arts in Australia has made me feel very privileged and humble especially as I am clearly a novice with so much to learn and experience.

The AMAHOF awards and ASK organisation is clearly a credit to great people like yourself, a person who are dedicated to positivism and harmony. I appreciate the complexity of your personal situation and know that you would have also wished to be present, though we will soon be in Victoria to thank you in person. Again I thank you for all you have done.

Our sincere thanks go to our ambassador, Grand Master Peter Morton, for providing the highlight of the events which enabled this to become such a memorable experience, and a joy to see another living legend of the Australian Shihan Kai being honored.

Congratulations from all of us at the Australian Shihan Kai and the Federation to Shihan Peter Chek, 9th Dan ASK Jiu-Jitsu, on his promotion and induction into the Hall of Fame for 1999.


ABOVE: Kancho Bradshaw and Hanshi Peter Check at AMAHOF Awards night

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